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Endroid provides the highest level of service and gives all of our customers personal attention while supplying them with all their security needs. With over 14 years of experience, we strive to deliver the most dependable and highest quality products in the industry. Through our channel partners, we bring our products and knowledge to you locally.

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Latest News
16 Jan 2014

Endorid launches cost effective inbuilt memory video door phone

02 Jan 2014


12 Dec 2013

Endorid launches cost effective inbuilt memory video door phone

15 Nov 2013

Endroid introduced 1.3 mega pixel lenses with sony effio range

26 Oct 2013

Endroid introduced UTC controlled night star range of cameras

04 Sep 2013

Endroid introduced cordless mouse with full D1 range of DVR

21 Aug 2013

Endroid flickerless 700 TVL night star range cameras

19 Jul 2013

Endroid introduced DTK 402 Cot effective time & attendance terminal

25 Jun 2013

Endroid launched guard tour management system

16 May 2013

Endroid launched 8 Ch and 16 Ch DVR with hi silion second generation processor

18 Apr 2013

Endroid launched DTK 300 coloured access control system

15 Mar 2013

Endroid launched fish eye camera

14 Feb 2013

Endroid launched cash counter camera

07 Jan 2013

Endroid introduced HDMI port in 8 inch & 16 Ch DVR

21 Dec 2012

Endroid introduced SD card cameras

13 Nov 2012

Endroid introduced multippartment video door phones

17 Oct 2012

Endroid introduces wireless VDP


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